Give Yourself Some L-O-V-E: Ways to Practice Self-Love

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We often have those moments where we felt that we lack self-esteem or self-confidence. We take the time to think negatively. But have we ever thought of giving ourselves a break? “Hey, self, why don’t you rest for a while.” We often forget about this, but we really need to take a deep breath sometimes. At this point, we know about self-love. We understand its meaning and its purpose. But after learning it, do we take time to practice it? And most importantly, how do we practice it?

1. Motivate Yourself

A famous quote by Rene Descartes saying, “I think, therefore I am.” Start each day by saying, “I can do it.” Even if you think at first that you cannot do it. Believe that you can. Take charge of what is within you. If what is inside is strong, it can influence the outside. If we start to think that we can do anything, we then learn how to play our emotions with our own hands. Even if we will, we must learn to get back up. Because we believe we can do anything.

2. Stop comparing yourself to others.

They are so much better than me.” “I wish I am them.” Comparisons might motivate others, but for some, it puts a lot of pressure on themselves. And it is true. Comparing yourself to others puts a lot of negative emotions due to the underlying circumstances. Here is what we need to think. Everybody has different paces. We move according to our own pace. Some move slowly, some moves fast. But the point is, we are all different. The path that we are walking through varies from the others. Keep these in mind. Stop looking at who is ahead or who is behind you but start looking at your own feet.

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3. Celebrate your EVERY achievement. 

By EVERY, it means EVERYTHING, including the little things. What little things? Small matters such as the success of getting up even if you were tired the last night. The success of being able to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Those might not be achievements for some, but it takes strength to accomplish these. By this, you are affirming yourself that you can do it. This motivates you that you can do more, and you can achieve a lot of things. Celebrate all the way. Reward yourself with encouragement. Celebrations make you feel happy. It makes you feel good. What is vital for self-love is your happiness.

4. Try something new.

Well, this might be hard to do at first but after getting the hang of doing something new is an incomparable satisfaction. Sometimes, we really need to think outside the box. But also, we must go beyond the box. Experiment outside our comfort zones. The world is very diverse. Its beauty can be seen if we surpass our limits. We will never know what kind of satisfaction or happiness we will see from other experiences if we never try. And once we finally gained that contentment, it creates a thought within us that we are much capable to become the best.

5. Accept yourself. 

Accepting yourself is not as easy as it may sound. It takes a lot of energy to finally welcome flaws. All humans are not perfect. Nobody is. The image of being perfect comes up when we try to project others in ourselves. In that sense, we begin to see our flaws. But if we see those flaws, we need to accept it. There is nothing wrong with having mistakes. It is what makes us human, no matter how big or how small. We should keep in mind that our flaws do not always stay within us. We can change, and it is also important to remind ourselves of that.

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7. Surround yourselves with positive people.  

Your environment affects you. Everything around you, especially the people around you. How do we keep ourselves being surrounded by the right people? We should know how the people around us affect us. Do not be afraid to cut off toxic people. Those people who keep us down. Those people who continuously tear our mental health. No matter how close we are. Or how we are related to those persons, but if they try to ruin our mental health, we need to stop being with them. Self-love also means prioritizing ourselves more. And by prioritizing ourselves, that considers our happiness and what is better for us first, before others. If we have fulfilled the love that we need from ourselves, it is only then that we can give others some love.

Practicing self-love, just like sports, it requires consistency. We may not perfect all these practices, but we should try our best to do it and experience the beauty of being able to love yourself.

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What is Self-Love?

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We have heard a lot about self-love, but do we really know how to define it? It is important to know what is self-love and its concept, for us to be able to apply it and carry on happily with our lives. 

A lot of us have associated self-love with being egotistic or vain. According to Dr. Andrea Brandt, “Loving yourself doesn’t mean you think you’re the smartest, most talented, and most beautiful person in the world. Instead, when you love yourself you accept your so-called weaknesses, appreciate these so-called shortcomings as something that makes you who you are. When you love yourself you have compassion for yourself.” Self-love is prioritizing your own happiness or wellbeing first. By wellbeing, it means different aspects such as psychological, physical, or spiritual. We need to be able to learn how to help others but not at the expense of our own wellbeing. We need to find that balance.

As much as each of us has a different view of happiness and satisfaction, the specific definition of self-love also differs from one another. For example, we might show love to ourselves more by forgiving ourselves more. Self-love also means forgiving yourself. A lot of times we get too hard on ourselves. Like how we studied so hard on a test but still failed. We often cannot forgive ourselves because we think that what we did was still lacking. We thought that we could have done more. Our past mistakes bother us so much that we could not get over it. But, by accepting ourselves, we see a different perspective. A perspective that sometimes we could not do things the way we want to. And that will be the start of forgiving ourselves.

Self-love can be powerful. It enables us to understand ourselves more. If we understand and forgive ourselves more, we can start to trust ourselves more. Trusting oneself means being able to believe that everything that we are going to experience, we can conquer it. A series of hard events could knock us down. And when another challenge comes, we might get fear because we lost that trust to go on. But by learning to trust especially to ourselves we develop an inner special relationship that allows us to go on and breakthrough hard times.

Self-love can also mean being nice to ourselves. How can we be nice? Specifically, to ourselves? Being nice can mean a lot of different ways. You can start being nice by trying to affirm yourself more. Try saying good things to yourself. “You did well, today!”, “You are amazing!”, “You look good!” these are everyday words we often tell others but not to ourselves. Being nice to yourself also means to treat yourself. Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa or treat yourself to your favorite food at your favorite restaurant or buying yourself the shoes that you really want. Do something you wanted before as a hobby. Enjoy something you wanted to do for a long time. We sometimes worry about how to be nice to others that we neglect the fact that we should also be nice to ourselves, that we should also cater to our own happiness and enjoyment.

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Self-love can also be us taking good of our physical body better. It means sleeping with the right amount our body needs. Listen to our physical bodies. Rest when tired. Also, eating nutritious food that could make our body healthy. Exercising to keep ourselves active. These tips for taking care of our body can bring us the calmness and happiness that we need.

Also, we often get ourselves busy and we forget to relax. So, self-love dictates to put our phones down, close our laptops, or just be able to get everything out of our way. Take a deep breath, relax, and meditate. Go to the beach or the mountains. Feel the night breeze, watch the sunrise and the sunset. This way we can appreciate the things around us and will lead us to connect to ourselves more. If we have seen more about ourselves, we may be able to know clearly our physical, psychological, and spiritual needs. In that way, we can take care of ourselves more. 

Indeed, it is hard to love yourself sometimes. It is also confusing, particularly when we do not know how to. But it is also vital to find the satisfaction that will eventually lead to happiness. Our happiness is just as important as the happiness of others. We should always remember that.

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